Impress Your Trick-or-Treaters This Halloween with These Exciting Non-Candy Alternatives

October 1, 2023

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Halloween is a very exciting time of year for kids—not only do they get to dress up as their favorite characters, monsters, or other spooky creatures, but they also get to go trick-or-treating and collect a big haul of candy! However, all of this candy can actually be quite hazardous for your little one’s oral health; but did you know there are ways of getting around this? Here’s more from your trusted pediatric dentist about why Halloween candy can be so problematic for youngsters’ teeth, along with some non-candy alternatives that both you and your child can enjoy this spooky season!

Halloween Candy Isn’t Great for Teeth

It’s common knowledge that sugar isn’t exactly a good pal to your pearly whites; it forms enamel-eroding acids when it interacts with the bacteria inside your mouth, which significantly increases your chances of developing cavities!

And unfortunately, children are often at a much higher risk of developing cavities since they often lack the dedication to maintain optimal oral hygiene. Coupled with the copious amount of candy that is consumed by the average kid during Halloween, it spells bad news for teeth.

Exciting Non-Candy Alternatives for Young Trick-or-Treaters

Even though Halloween wouldn’t be the same without lots of candy, several other non-candy alternatives can be just as exciting! Rather than the usual sugary sweets and treats, consider giving away items like these instead—or mixed in with the rest of the candy bowl:

  • LED rings and glow-in-the-dark bracelets
  • Halloween-themed stickers, temporary tattoos key chains, and coloring books
  • Small plush or rubber toys
  • Outdoor play toys like jump ropes or frisbees
  • Slinkies, mini skateboards, and fidget spinners
  • Play-Doh and Galaxy Slime
  • Glow-in-the-dark vampire teeth and other novelty items
  • Healthier snack options like pretzels or fruit
  • Toothbrushes and floss (unless you think this is too on the nose)

Tips for a Whiter & Brighter Smile This Halloween

In addition to opting for candy-free alternatives, it’s also worth noting that if your child does end up eating candy during the holiday, there are other sensible habits you can encourage to offset the danger posed by sugar:

  • Be sure your child is brushing their teeth twice a day; however, if they’ve just eaten candy, have them wait about half an hour before brushing to let their saliva neutralize some of the acids inside their mouth. If possible, have your child eat their candy right after a meal.
  • Promote a healthy, vitamin-rich diet year-round and encourage your kid to drink plenty of water in favor of sugary drinks like soda and juice.
  • Take your child to their visit twice a year for routine preventive care; aside from that, a diligent at-home routine consisting of brushing, flossing, and antibacterial mouth rinse is crucial.

By opting for these non-candy alternatives and encouraging a consistent oral hygiene routine, you can ensure that your child doesn’t just have a great time this Halloween, but also that their smile remains as healthy and bright as can be!

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