One, Two, Three: How to Safely Remove Your Child’s Loose Tooth

May 3, 2024

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a young child with a loose tooth and string attached

If you’ve been waiting for the day that your child comes to you proclaiming, “I have a loose tooth,” get ready. While some parents simply encourage their child to just let it fall out on its own, others view it as an exciting time to pull it out creatively. Before you get too crazy in formulating ideas, here are some safe and easy ways to remove a tooth without causing any harm to your child’s smile.

Safe & Fun Ways to Help Your Child Say Goodbye to Their Tooth

When it’s time for your child’s baby teeth to fall out, they may prefer a more natural way or a creative one. Depending on their personality, you might consider one of the following options:

  • Tooth Wiggle – Using their tongue, have them wiggle it back and forth until it finally pops out.
  • The String Method – Tie a string around the tooth and attach the other end of the string to a door. When shutting it (not slamming), the tooth will loosen enough to fall out.
  • The Ball Method – Similar to the door, tie a string around your child’s tie while attaching the other end around a ball (baseball). Throw it in the air, hit it and watch the tooth go flying.
  • Tooth Extraction While this may not be “fun,” it’s certainly a safe way to remove your child’s loose tooth. However, this is typically only recommended when it will not come out any other way.

Ways to Ensure Healthy Permanent Teeth

Once your child’s baby tooth falls out, it will take time for the permanent one to move into place. However, once it does, you’ll want to make sure that they understand the importance of taking proper care of their adult smile. This means that they’ll need to:

  • Continue practicing good oral hygiene habits at home such as brushing for two minutes, flossing daily and rinsing with mouthwash (if old enough).
  • Keep regular checkups and cleanings with the dentist to ensure there are no cavities or signs of gum disease.
  • Adopt healthy eating habits and reduce the amount of sugar and starch in their diet.
  • Give up unhealthy habits like eating ice, biting their fingernails or grinding their teeth.

Your child losing a baby tooth can be an exciting time. Make sure it’s a memorable time that doesn’t result in a trip to the emergency dentist’s office. By using these safe techniques, you can watch your child have fun as they prepare for a visit from the Tooth Fairy.

About the Author
At Kids’ Smiles on Lincoln, Dr. Myles Clancy is a pediatric dentist who is board-certified and a diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry. Treating children of all ages, he works closely with parents to develop safe and effective solutions to keep smiles healthy and damage-free. When one or more teeth are loose, you can count on Dr. Clancy to offer fun tips to encourage their removal. Discover how you can help your child get ready for their permanent smile by visiting our website.

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