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Removing Teeth to Ensure a Smile’s Bright Future

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Here at Kids’ Smiles on Lincoln, we understand that your child’s teeth are important for several reasons: not only are they the best available tools at their disposal for biting, chewing, speaking and so on, but they’re also a major source of pride and joy! That’s why tooth extraction is something that we take quite seriously and only perform when absolutely warranted. Continue reading to learn more about tooth extractions in Worcester and some reasons for it becoming necessary in children. If you believe your child needs one of their teeth extracted, call us at once for assistance!

Why Choose Kids’ Smiles on Lincoln for Tooth Extractions?

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Reasons Why Tooth Extractions Are Necessary

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It’s not always easy to part with one or more of your teeth, and children might not fully understand why a tooth extraction may be needed in the first place. However, you can pass on to them that we’ll never extract a tooth unless it’s necessary; if there’s even the slightest chance the tooth can be saved, or it doesn’t pose a threat to other healthy oral structures, we’ll pursue that route first. Here are a few common situations that often warrant tooth extraction:

  • The tooth is suffering from a severe infection that threatens the remaining healthy teeth.
  • Future orthodontic work is necessary but could be inhibited by crowded teeth.
  • There are remaining baby teeth that haven’t fallen out on their own.
  • The tooth has become impacted (this is common with wisdom teeth).

The Process of Removing a Tooth

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Tooth extraction begins with a detailed examination, often involving X-rays to determine the complexity of the situation. Once it’s been decided that a tooth needs to be pulled, one of two methods can be used:

  • In cases where the tooth has fully erupted above the gums, a simple extraction is performed using forceps. Your child’s mouth is numbed, and the tooth is gently rocked back and forth until it loosens and eventually slips out of its socket as gently as possible.
  • For situations that involve a tooth that’s partially or completely trapped under the gums or in the jawbone, surgical extraction is performed. After the mouth is numbed, a small incision is made in the gums to access the tooth, and sometimes it must be divided into sections to be fully removed.

Tooth Extraction Aftercare

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Once the tooth has been extracted, there is still one very crucial step remaining: ensuring proper aftercare and promoting a speedy recovery. This is where your little one will rely on you to help them heal up! Here is some general advice to keep in mind:

  • Utilize over-the-counter and prescribed pain relievers as instructed.
  • Have your child refrain from exercise or strenuous physical activity, as the increase in blood flow can impact their mouth’s ability to heal.
  • Ensure that your child is drinking plenty of water and avoiding eating hard, crunchy, sticky, chewy or otherwise problematic foods.
  • Make sure your child doesn’t use a drinking straw, since the suction can dislodge the protective blood clot that forms over the surgical site.
  • Help your child keep their mouth clean by carefully brushing; once 24 hours have passed, you can utilize warm saltwater rinses to assist with healing.

It’s not out of the ordinary for children to experience symptoms such as light bleeding, oral swelling, and general discomfort following a tooth extraction, but if these symptoms don’t clear up after a few days, don’t hesitate to contact us at once!

Understanding the Cost of Tooth Extractions

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It’s totally normal to have questions or concerns about the potential cost of having one or more of your child’s teeth extracted—but rest assured, we’re here to address all of your queries. While we can’t give you an exact estimate until we’ve inspected your child’s smile, we can give you a general idea of what you might expect to owe out of pocket so that you aren’t hit with any surprises when it’s time to pay your bill. Here’s more about a few of the factors that often affect the cost of pediatric tooth extractions in Worcester; for additional information, feel free to contact us today!

Factors That Can Affect Tooth Extraction Cost

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To put it simply, no two smiles are the same, meaning that no two tooth extraction procedures are the same! When you bring in your child for their consultation, our team will inspect their mouth and determine an appropriate course of action, which will allow us to provide you with a cost estimate. Some of the factors that contribute to the total cost of the procedure include:

  • The location of the teeth (front vs back of mouth).
  • The total number of teeth that need to be pulled.
  • The method of extraction that’s being utilized (simple extraction vs. surgical extraction).
  • The tooth’s position relative to the gumline.
  • The type of anesthesia and sedation methods that are employed.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Tooth Extractions?

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Tooth extractions are performed only when medically necessary, meaning it’s common for many dental insurance plans to cover around 50% of the cost, including wisdom teeth (assuming your deductible has been met). However, there still could be certain limitations or restrictions; these include things like waiting periods or a limit to the number of teeth that are covered. We’re happy to sit down with you to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your coverage and reducing your out-of-pocket expenses when possible.

How to Make Tooth Extractions Affordable

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If your family doesn’t have dental insurance, you aren’t entirely out of luck when it comes to lowering the cost of tooth extractions—we’re here to help! In addition to accepting most dental PPO plans, we also proudly partner with Lending Point so that you’re able to break your total cost of treatment into manageable monthly installments. For additional information concerning what you can do to make your kid’s tooth extractions less of a burden on your wallet, feel free to give us a call!

Tooth Extractions FAQs

Does Getting a Tooth Extracted Hurt?

Leading up to your child’s appointment, they might feel a bit nervous. If that’s stemming from a fear that the procedure will hurt, then you can reassure them that’s not the case. Not only do our Worcester pediatric dentists use a gentle hand and utilize the latest dental technology, but they will also use a numbing agent to thoroughly numb the area of your child’s mouth that they will be working on. In other words, the most your child will feel is some slight pressure from them working, but no pain.

What’s the Difference Between Tooth Extractions and Wisdom Tooth Surgery?

The main difference is this: wisdom tooth surgery is designed to move the third set of molars while tooth extractions can remove any tooth that is causing problems. If you want more insight into which one we recommend for your child and why, don’t hesitate to let us know. We’d be more than happy to provide further insight!

Can My Child Leave the Space Empty After a Tooth Extraction?

It’s possible! For example, if the tooth was removed to address considerable overcrowding in preparation for orthodontic treatment, then the space can be left empty. If, however, the tooth was removed because it was severely decayed or damaged, then it’s important that we use a space maintainer or fill the new gap with a dental bridge. Ultimately, our recommendation will depend on your child’s specific dental needs.

What Can I Do to Speed Up My Child’s Healing Time?

It’s important that we first mention the importance of rest and recovery following a tooth extraction. That said, we know that many parents want to help their child heal as quickly as possible. The best thing to do is to follow all of the aftercare instructions provided, including keeping the gauze in place (and changing it as needed), making sure your child doesn’t spit or use a straw, helping them keep their mouth clean, and taking OTC pain medication as directed.

Can My Child Eat Before Their Tooth Extraction?

Usually, having a healthy, well-balanced meal prior to their appointment is recommended, especially since they probably won’t want to eat for a few hours after. Of course, there are some exceptions. For example, if sedation dentistry is a part of your child’s treatment plan, then we may recommend having them fast beforehand to help prevent nausea.